Terraform_VerticalLogo_FullColorTerraform is a tool for defining cloud infrastructure as code. It is both simple to use and powerful enough to create complex, secure, scalable environments.

Terraform supports a wide range of cloud providers including AWS, Google, Azure, and OpenStack.

Because Terraform is cloud-agnostic, it is a great and valuable tool to use – you only need to learn Terraform once to become comfortable with creating cloud infrastructure from any provider!

Getting Started

Our recommended way to learn Terraform is to follow the A Comprehensive Guide to Terraform from Gruntwork. Here is a chapter breakdown:

  1. Why we use Terraform and not Chef, Puppet, Ansible, SaltStack, or CloudFormation
  2. An introduction to Terraform
  3. How to manage Terraform state
  4. How to create reusable infrastructure with Terraform modules
  5. Terraform tips & tricks: loops, if-statements, and pitfalls
  6. How to use Terraform as a team

Gruntwork have also packaged their guide into an O’Reilly book Terraform Up & Running